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5 Least Impacted Tourist Destinations in India with COVID 19

Pallavi Bose




COVID 19 is the latest pandemic that has impacted the world globally and India is also going through the same. The economy is badly impacted and every segment of the population is experiencing the COVID 19 burden. One of the worst affected sectors globally is the tourism sector. People are obviously locked down inside their houses and any form of travelling outside has been completely stopped. And even after the vaccine comes out, still people are in deep fear and thus would avoid travelling for some time. 

So, here for all the travellers out there, we know staying inside the home might be a bit boring. So, here showing you a light of hope. We have listed down 5 of the least impacted destinations because of COVID 19. Maybe their low population or better management by the government has minimized the Covid cases there. Let’s have a look – 

1. Goa


The favourate party spot of the country. This place has only 564 active cases in the mid of July. The place is beautiful and has some surreal beaches and laid back feel. We are sure that once the unlocking phase is complete, you will love to rush to Goa to spend some time outdoors. 

2. Pondicherry


The quiet French town has merely 194 confirmed cases to date. The place is of course beautiful and we are sure that you need peace of mind after all this hustle-bustle of COVID 19 is over. Get ready to plan a trip to Pondicherry very soon. 

3. Kasol


A beautiful valley town surrounded by mountains and forests. This is also the place where River Parvati and River Beas has merged and given shape to the beauty of this town. Also a favourate spot for the hippies. And of course, the place is quite small and distant and thus very few COVID cases. Perfect spot to hang out with your friends and share your lockdown stories once all of this is over. 

4. Tripura


Marvelous rock settings, numerous waterfalls, and even dense forests all this are synonymous to Tripura. The beautiful corner of North East India. Tripura is a place that is actually inhibited by the tribal and their immune system is superb. So, as a result, you might be surprised to see the place has less than 500 active COVID cases. Time to plan another trip to North East India. 

5. Mizoram

Mizoram lies in the southern tip of North-Eastern India. The place has earned its reputation as one of the most beautiful places in the Northeast primarily due to its geographical location. The place has a natural beauty that has a wide variety of flora and fauna in it. Mizoram has also witnessed very few COVID cases and thus this is one of the safest places to visit post lockdown period. 

So, once all this is over, you definitely need to breathe in the fresh air and widen your eyes to see something more than just your home. These places are perfect for your post lockdown break. Let us know where you are planning to visit next in the comments down below. We would love to know about your experience. 

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Best Cities in India for a Good Quality of Life

Say India



Choosing a place is never easy. It involves a lot of thinking into a lot of aspects, such as housing, water quality, cost of living, educational prospects, job-related prospects, etc. Whereas some people are unfortunate enough to put up with cities which grant none of the above, there are a few cities in India which actually grant more. Here are some cities which are the most appropriate to live in, and also provide a great quality of life;

1) Mumbai

This city has what other cities in India can merely hope for, such as excellent connectivity, nearby beaches and an exceptional dining scene. So, it’s not surprising that Mumbai is one of the fastest-growing Indian cities.

The city is also bustling with a lot of educational and job-related prospects, not to forget, is the hub for the beloved film industry as well. However, houses in the Central area are not affordable to every layman.

2) Bangalore

Also known as the Garden City, this place will always satisfy you with its amazing weather. It is never too hot or cold. It had transformed itself into a busy IT hub and has very few quiet areas nowadays. It is also home to amongst the top educational centres and colleges, such as NLSIU, Bangalore, which is the best law school in the whole country.

3) Pune

A city which is bustling with a lot of vibrance and youth, Pune is home to amazing centres and offices for various big corporate houses. It also is home to the one and only Nation Defence Academy in the nation. The cost of living in Pune is also much less than other metropolitan cities, and it offers a great quality of life as well, not to forget, nightlife included!

4) New Delhi

This city is welcoming to every possible idea for development. Most of the corporate houses are situated here, as well as a lot of amazing colleges and schools. Being the capital of India, it blends the old with the new, which is very difficult for cities nowadays, in the era of globalisation.

5) Chennai

Alias, the gateway to South India, Chennai is amazing for those people who wish to live a quiet life ahead. One may also experience that life goes in a much slower pace than other cities in India. However, this doesn’t affect the efficiency of the work that people have to offer. The best part about this city is that it is home to beautiful pristine beaches with long stretches of clear sand and waters.

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