Assam BJP Leader Protests, Says No Beef For Tigers At Guwahati Zoo



Hardline Assam BJP leader Satya Ranjan Borah has a problem with serving beef – not just to people, but also to carnivorous animals in zoos, specifically tigers.

On Monday a small group of protesters led by Mr Borah – claiming to be anti-beef activists – attempted to block the main gate at Guwahati Zoo as vehicles carrying beef for tigers were trying to pass. Zoo authorities managed to disperse them with help from the police, official sources said.

The protesters shouted slogans demanding a carpet ban on cow slaughter.

“In Hindu society we give importance to protection of cow, but it is the staple food for carnivores in the zoo and part of government supply. Our objection is – why serve beef? Why not other meat?” Mr Borah asked reporters.

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