Auto driver finds his lost ₹20k cash; No one touched it over COVID-19 fears



An auto driver from Bihar found Rs.20,500 INR of his cash. He had lost the money somewhere, but it was left untouched due to the Coronavirus fears. His neighbors had informed him about the news and photos which were circulating over Social media. The posts said how the Police had recovered the cash. An inspector, who discovered this, said that the locals did not want to touch the money as they are scared about the COVID-19 pandemic. Later on, the police collected the cash from the road with all the safety measures.

Gajendra Shah, an auto-driver in Kopa village (Saharsa district), left his place early along with his wife Saturday morning. He carried Rs 20,500 cash to buy a tin-shed from Mahua Bazaar (a nearby market). Before reaching the market, he realized the cash was missing. He walked back to a few kms in search of his money. Unfortunately, he couldn’t find it. As he had lost his hard-earned money, he returned home with a broken heart a few hours later.

After some time, his neighbors tod him that some photos were revolving on social media about how police had recovered infected cash from the district.

Actually, the money that Gajendra had lost, was found lying on the road by the localities. However, none of them dared to pick up the notes because of the fear of getting infected by Coronavirus. Thus, they informed the police, who then recovered the entire amount.

Gajendra soon realized that it’s the same cash that he had lost in the morning. He immediately reached the Udakishunganj station along with some witnesses to support his claim.

After a proper verification process and the required undertakings from the witnesses, the money was handed over to Gajendra.

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