Facebook to Congress: Says is Non-Partisan, Denounces Hate



In a recent set of events, the social media giant Facebook told the Congress Party that contrary to the belief that they have an alleged political bias, the company was wholeheartedly non-partisan in its approach. A statement was released by the company’s Public Policy, Trust and Safety Director, Neil Pottts responding to the concerns raised by Congress, he said that Facebook denounced all forms of bigotry and hate and will always strive to remain a platform where individuals can express themselves freely. He also stated that the platform took the political party’s allegations seriously and are working tirelessly to remain non-partisan was committed to ensure levels of integrity. This response was after the party accused the platform of seriously interfering in disrupting the social harmony on account of their inaction when it came to applying hate-speech rules over many BJP leaders and members. A similar pattern of inaction was also reported by the Wall Street Journal and the Time Magazine where the conduct of Facebook and WhatsApp came under the scanner in context of their bias and proximity to the ruling party BJP.  At this point in the debate, both the parties have alleged the other of colluding with the social media giant to sway the public opinion. While the BJP accused the platform and its employees of helping people ‘abuse’ the Prime Minister and the other senior minister, the Congress claims that they have taken a soft approach towards many BJP leaders when they flouted their hate-speech rules on the platform. It is not only Congress who wrote to Facebook but a three page letter was also forwarded by IT Minister Ravi Shankar which called out its bias and a letter was also sent twice by AICC general secretary K.C. Venugopal on account of its hateful content. It remains to see whether the after this statement the platform will be cautious in its approach.  

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