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India, Pakistan friendship story at Harvard goes viral on the Internet



India Pakistann Friendship

An Indian woman, Sneha Biswas has shared a story of her friendship with a Pakistani woman, who was her classmate at Harvard University. The friendship story that has transcended all barriers, has taken the internet by storm. The story was shared by Biwas, CEO of Early Steps Academy, on LinkedIn, along with a few pictures of her good times with the Pakistani woman.
In the story, she mentions how she grew up with stereotyped notions about the India-Pakistan rivalry, especially in cricket, history books, and the media. Biswas said she met the woman on the first day of Harvard Business School, and towards the end of the first semester, they became the closest of friends. Our insight changes when we interact with people across borders, she added.

“Over multiple chais, biryanis, financial models, and case study preps, we got to know each other. Her stories of growing up in a conservative Pakistani backdrop, but being blessed with supportive parents who gave her and her younger sister the courage to break the norms and chase their dreams, resonated with me. Her stories of fearless ambitions and bold choices inspired me,” she said in the post.

The picture uploaded by Ms. Biswas showed both the women flaunting their national flags on the flag day at Harvard.
“Look at us on the famous flag day at #harvard – flaunting our flags and smiling away at the joy of, “breaking barriers” – not just literally between India and Pakistan, but also for the countless little girls from India and Pakistan who are scared to shoot for the stars,” she added.

The LinkedIn post got more than 43,000 likes, over 1,700 comments, and numerous shares.
One comment read “Such a lovely message,” while another wrote “This is what people must know… before anything else we are human beings and our nature has a different type of characteristic, it depends totally on us which one we wanna show the society… great going. All the best”

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Dhanashree Verma and Yuzvendra Chahal Posts a message amid divorce ‘rumors’



YouTuber Dhanashree Verma’s Instagram story on Thursday was the same one as posted by her cricketer husband Yuzvendra Chahal. The story asked fans not to believe any rumors about their failed relationship. There have been many messages circulating on social media about the duo’s alleged divorce. The Instagram story of Yuzvendra and Dhanashree read, “A humble request to you all to not believe in any sort of rumors pertaining to our relationship. Kindly put an end to it. Love and light to everyone.”

The husband and wife duo is very popular on social media because of their reels and posts. They regularly post videos where the two of them can be seen dancing together.


 A video of Dhanashree teaching dance steps to her husband and his Rajasthan Royals teammate Jos Buttler had also gone viral during the IPL.

The duo has been married since December 2020.

Dhanashree Verma is a digital content creator and dance choreographer and has a huge fan following on social media.

Chahal, on the other hand, is one of India’s finest spin bowlers in limited overs cricket and a great IPL performer.

We wish the duo a happy married life!

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‘Rahul Modi’ scores rank 420 in UPSC exam



A student named Rahul Modi scored 420 rank in  UPSC Civil Services Exam as per the results declared on Tuesday and took the internet by storm.

Given the current political landscape of India dotted by the two bigwigs Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his rival Rahul Gandhi, the full name of the student is enough to catch eyeballs.

But the fun did not stop here as the rank scored by the student adds more zest to the coincidence which looks like was made for social media memes.

The numbers ‘420’ are read as ‘chaar sau bees’ in Hindi and are metaphorically used to describe a trickster.

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AIIMS doctor risks own life, removes protective gear to help COVID-19 patient



Zahid Abdul Majeed, a senior resident doctor at AIIMS, Delhi, took off his safety gear to help shift a critically ill COVID-19 patient to the ICU. He found it difficult to ventilate the patient and suspected accidental extubation. He immediately decided to re-intubate but owing to poor visibility inside the ambulance, he removed his protective goggles and reintubated the patient.

“I am staying alone and waiting for my tests. If that comes negative, I can join work again otherwise I may have to remain under isolation for 14 days,” Dr Majeed was quoted as saying.

Not to mention, he could not even end his Ramdaan fast and rushed to the duty when emergency came.

This act is completely a selfless act,deserves so much of respect.

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