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Is He/She Really A Friend? Find Out!



Anything is possible if you have the right people to support you! – Misty Copeland 

Friends! Not Just A Word, But An Emotion!

We all, in our lives, make several friends. The first set of friends that we make is in school and then as we grow and get to college, our friend circle keeps growing. Some friends may mean more than the others, but what we really like is hanging out with them. Friends make life more colorful and enjoyable; spending time with good friends is like a detox treatment.

Despite all the joy and pleasure that friendship gives us, there are things that can even, up to some extent, destroy us. Especially in college, while some students are determined, the others come to enjoy. There are two types of friends: Real friends and Fake friends (Foe). As they say, ‘A friend in need is a friend indeed’, but how many of us are able to identify the real friends over the fake ones? Each and every friend that we ever make tries to prove to us that they actually care while all they do is take advantage of us.

In this article, we will discuss how to identify which of your friends are fake and who actually cares.

They call when they need help
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You may hang out a lot with people and help them for the sake of friendship, but these people take advantage of your feelings and get their work done. This is the first sign that you can look for. They won’t call you to know how you have been doing lately but will talk to you for hours when they need help.

They are never up for a good conversation
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Friends help us go through our bad times and so a good conversation with them can comfort us. But these people who are just pretending to be your friend will never be available for a good and relaxing conversation. They will make excuses or make jokes out of it rather than giving you helpful advice.

They never motivate you
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Friends are those who motivate you and help you grow. But the fake friends would just try to bring you down or ignore the problems you are facing. They won’t stand by your side in tough times and never help you out.

They are not happy in your success

Real friends genuinely feel happy when you win a competition, score good, or when you achieve something. But the fake friends are never happy in your happiness, instead, they get jealous. They will try to show that they are happy, but deep inside they get angry about your achievements.

They talk bad about you behind your back
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The people who pretend to be your friends would speak well about you when you are around. But, these people say mean things and bitch behind your back. They discuss you with others and make fun of you at times. A real friend would never do that and protect you even when you are not around.

They are never around in your bad times
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Fake friends always ask for your help. But when you are in their place, they turn their back on you. Such people never stand by you in your adversities and bail on you. They would expect you to be there in their tough times, but would never reciprocate the same.

They influence you in a negative way
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These people put pressure on you and make you do bad things. They give a bad influence on you as they teach you bad things and fill you up with negativity. Such people may influence you to start drinking or smoking; or both.


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It’s important to recognize at the right time who are your actual friends and who are just pretending to be ones. The time you spend in college is supposed to be fun-filled but at the same time, it can make or break your career. In fact, at any stage of life, it is important to identify the real friends and stand by their side. Such people can even make or break your professional and personal life. So save yourself from negative influences, become successful, and earn good friends who would actually stand by you. Stay away from negative talks and negative people.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter.! – Izaak Walton



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