A Sacked Doctor Calls A Hospital In Gurgaon With A Bogus Bomb Threat



(PTI) – Gurugram, March 25 –A doctor who was dismissed by Medanta Hospital in 2017 made a fake call saying that there was a bomb planted in Medanta Hospital on Friday.

The doctor’s identity was revealed when the police tracked his mobile number, through which he made the call. It was also found that he often used this phone number for these types of fake calls.

The details of the mobile number used in making the call have been extracted. As per the number, the location of the caller was traced to Delhi. A preliminary investigation has revealed that the caller is a doctor in Delhi and earlier used to work in Medanta Hospital till 2017. Efforts are on to arrest him, “inspector Dinesh Kumar, SHO of Sadar police station, said.

Also, he purportedly made this call at around 12:15 pm on Thursday. The police did not find any danger in the hospital, and there was also no bomb.

The caller said there might be a terror attack at the hospital and that a bomb had been planted there, and disconnected the call, “Dr Sanjeev Gupta, medical director of Medanta.

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